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Title : Hana-fuda Chapter 4
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi (Tacchon & Shingo make appearances)
Genre : Angst
Rating : Pg-13
Summary : Ryo gets taken in by Uchi, which means Ryo is one step closer to realising his plan of infiltrating the yakuza clan.
A/N : I haven't been writing for some time mainly because I can't find the right words to express myself and I must say that is very infuriating. This chapter is written in a rush and I don't think it's that good. But anyway comments are still nice. Thanks

Chapter 4

Ryo laid propped up against the pillows and he kept silent as Ohkura rubbed at his wounds with a cotton swab moist with medication. Moisture burned the backs of his eyelids as he felt the stinging pain of medication causing a fiery sensation in his chest. He saw a pointed glance from Ohkura and he swallowed the little groan of distress that threatened to spill out from his mouth. The man was taciturn and strangely quiet as he administered to Ryo’s wounds and Ryo felt that he was somehow observing Ryo’s every little reaction to the deliberately careless and rough manner in which he was dabbing his wounds with the medication. 


Suddenly, Ryo saw the door open and the shateigashira stood there in a new change of clothes. The last thing Ryo had seen before he gave in to the overpowering cloud of darkness was those strangely forlorn eyes looking down at him. And across the space of the room, both of them looked at each other, hoping that the feelings they experienced just now would just prove to be a fleeting moment of insanity. The shaft of sunlight shone in from the open window and it cast a glow on the pale face of Nishikido Ryo, highlighting his angular cheekbones and the graceful arch of his neck. For someone who was beaten up and wounded, he looked beautiful in that frail, delicate way that eroded Uchi’s resolution. He hadn’t intended to stay, he just wanted to look at how Ryo was doing. And now having stepped into the room, he couldn’t bring himself to turn and walk away.


“Ohkura, have you tended to his wounds?” Uchi made his way across the room and his shoes clicked against the lacquered floor. Ohkura stood up and briefly inclined his head and shoulders in a half-bow of deference and respect. Uchi took in the angry red wounds and dark brusies marring the tanned skin before he rolled up his sleeves. Realising Uchi’s intention, Ohkura was about to voice his reluctance and disapproval before he caught the telltale glance of displeasure from his leader.


“I’ll excuse myself now, Uchi-sama.” He said through his gritted teeth before exiting the room and leaving the two people alone. Uchi sat down on the edge of the bed and looking at the mass of wounds and cuts amassed on Ryo’s body, he felt unwanted memories flicker to life inside him. Once upon a time, he was like that too, enduring the beatings on the streets until he found refuge in the form of Shibutani-kai.


Ryo couldn’t avert his glance from the softness of Uchi’s eyes, his long, graceful fingers wrapped around the bottle of medication as he poured the liquid onto the cotton swab. Uchi leaned in and instead of the antiseptic smell of the medication, there was an elusive fragrance teasing his nostrils. Uchi raised his head and in that timeless second, their glances interlocked, neither being able to look away. Then Uchi lowered his head abruptly, his brows knotted in concentration as he dabbed the medication over the cuts on his forearms.


Ryo couldn’t believe how gentle those fingers were, those same fingers which had wrapped around his neck and shoved his face against the wall. Everything about this man was contradictory, right down to the way Ryo was feeling about him. One part of him was hostile and wary of this man he had to bring down, the other part wanted to collapse into his arms, blocking out all traces of hatred, vengeance and the turmoil of the outside world.


Ryo felt the cold chill of Uchi’s fingers brushing against his bare, inflamed skin and he looked down with detachment. The sight of his pale fingers slicked with traces of dried blood was oddly erotic and when he raised his head, Uchi was staring at him with careful consideration. Raw, painful desire hummed between them before Uchi placed his hand gently on his cheek. His fingers traced the shallow cut on his cheek before the cool, soothing touch of his fingers was replaced by the wet, blazing heat of his lips. Those lips which were now whispering promises of forbidden desires and decadent pleasures across his bare skin. Ryo wanted to slap Uchi across the face and see the same pain mirrored on his face. He reached up and yanked his shirt forward by the collar. And the moment Ryo did it, he knew it was one wrong move because Uchi’s body was pressed up against his. And beneath the white shirt, he was as naked as he was, stripped bare and defenceless against this inexplicable force.


“Ryo, I’m not going to force myself on you.” Uchi said and Ryo was wondering why he seemed to be hurting as much as he did. “Tell me no. All you have to do is tell me to leave you alone.”


Common sense beckoned and the silence made Ryo feel as though he was dissolving. From his mind right down to the tips of his fingers as he watched them disappear in front of his eyes until all that was left of him was one rolling mass of uncertainty, fear and desire. And he clung to the buoy that was right in front of him. Running his hands up the width of his shoulders and hanging on. It was just the barest of touches, lip against lip and before Ryo could allow himself to indulge in his selfish want, Uchi tore his mouth away.


“I was hoping you’ll tell me to leave you alone.” Uchi said with a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes.


“Why?” Ryo asked and then he knew the answer.


“Because if you told me no, then I wouldn’t have to face the decision I don’t want to make. Rest well, Ryo.”  Uchi tucked a strand of stray hair behind Ryo’s ear and he walked out of the room. For a moment, Ryo was seized by hysteria and caught between the desire to laugh and cry at the same time. His whole life had been plagued by senseless violence and like what Shakespeare wrote, life was indeed a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury but ultimately signifying nothing. But just when he had given up hope, he found something that made sense amidst all the mindless bloodshed and anger.


God, what if I tell you the man I sworned to bring down is the one person I’ve been looking for? Would you blame me for feeling that way?


He pondered the question for the barest of seconds and the answer came to him with resounding clarity. God had long forsaken him the year his parents died and he had been alone, all along. He just hadn't realised it.




Uchi Hiroki watched the outlines of the towering buildings and the glaring headlights of the oncoming vehicles passing him by as the car sped along the highway. He could feel Ohkura’s speculative glance on him and he didn’t bother to acknowledge his gaze.


“Ohkura, you can just tell me what you think.”


“Uchi-sama, you know very well that I’m in no position to question whatever decisions you make but I don’t trust Nishikido Ryo’s motives or intentions. The way he set out to get our attention is too deliberate for me to believe everything is a mere coincidence.” Ohkura said in a level voice and Uchi knew that every word he spoke was the truth except that sometimes rationality was a slave to desire and the yearning inside him was too strong and potent to ignore.


“I will be careful, Ohkura. And I never said I trusted him.” Uchi smiled reassuringly at Ohkura. That was the truth because trust didn’t necessarily have to come with desire at all.


The car came to a halt near Kabukicho and Uchi stepped out of the car. He seldom came to inspect the areas under his control but despite Matsuda-kai’s repeated pleas for alliance, he didn’t quite believe them. Not when their followers had been seen around Kabukicho, behaving suspiciously. He wasn’t going to underestimate their ambitions or their abilities. In the yakuza world, there was no such thing as undying loyalty. In fact, everything had a price tag and if the price was right, even loyalty could be bought for a fee.


Uchi walked down the streets of Kabukicho with his men flanking his sides. Kabukicho was sometimes also known as the ‘Sleepless Town’ and it was indeed deserving of the name. The tacky neon signboards that adorned the streets spoke of a place isolated from the outside world, and here you could always find something that could cater to your needs, however twisted it was. Uchi had no qualms about making money from the numerous strip clubs, hostess bars and pachinko parlous that lined the street. It was simply a business, and even if he was against it initially, he had realised that one single disagreeing voice was not going to stop the booming sex trade. Since he couldn’t stop it, he might as well revel in it and take advantage of it.


The boisterous crowd on the street parted to allow Uchi and his followers through. The managers who mainly recognised Ohkura bowed in deference. Suddenly Uchi stopped on his heels and he raised a brow mockingly at the person who was audaciously blocking his path.


“Sir Murakami, I didn’t realise people like you come to Kabukicho too.” Uchi said with a little smirk of his lips as he looked at the man in front of him. He was wearing a large oversized coat and the cigarette hang limply from his lips. For as long as he could remember, Murakami Shingo had been trying to catch him and everytime he failed, Uchi could almost picture him slamming his head against the wall and howling in anger. It served as a source of amusement. And he could never resist teasing the police officer while reminding him of his abysmal failures in attempting to bring him behind bars.


“Well, I must say Shibutani-kai is becoming more and more like a conglomerate.” Shingo said in a deceptively polite voice. “Impressive but somehow I get the feeling this isn’t going to last.”


His eyelids drooped and his voice lowered to a whisper. “Just like you, Uchi-san. You can enjoy your short-lived power all you want but when the time comes, I’ll put the handcuffs on you and then I’ll dump your sorry ass into jail.”


He saw Ohkura reaching inside his jacket for the gun and he placed a placating hand on Ohkura’s arm. Murakami obviously underestimated him if he thought he was going to rise to his bait.


“Sir Murakami, why don’t you spend more time supervising your incompetent police force instead of spending your time at Kabukicho and insulting me? I’m sure the taxpayers will appreciate it more, knowing that you aren’t spending their money in hostess bars.” Uchi brushed past Murakami nonchalantly. Murakami threw his cigarette onto the floor and snuffed it out with the sole of his foot.  


One day, Uchi Hiroki was going to fall from his pedestal and Shingo knew he would be there to witness it. It was just a matter of time and Shingo had this feeling that it would be sooner than either of them expected.

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