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Title : Hana-Fuda Chapter 14 - Epilogue
Pairing : Ryo x Uchi
Genre : Angsty smex I guess
Rating : NC-17
Summary : Ryo seeks out Uchi after learning of his whereabouts from Ohkura.
A/N : This one came pretty fast after the last chapter. Since it's the last chapter, I have to bid a fond farewell to Yakuza!Uchi and EmoUke!Ryo. Hopefully you guys loved them as much as I did. Thank you to all those who have commented. The comments have always been the reason why I kept on writing. ♥

Chapter 14 - Epilogue

Nishikido Ryo held the crumpled piece of paper in his wrapped fist, as he walked uphill through the pristine upscale neighbourhood sitting in the middle of Aoyama. He had a difficult time trying to imagine Uchi here, Uchi with his beautiful eyes, Uchi who looked polished and immaculate in his sleek suits and yet was rough around the edges. Some part of him wondered whether he was welcome, maybe Uchi was going to look upon him as an intruder now that he had made up his mind to wash his hands off the yakuza world. But he had to try, because he didn’t want to live the rest of his life, not knowing and wondering what could have been.


The uncertainty ricocheted through him but he held on to the faint sliver of hope in him. That he hadn’t imagined the feelings between Uchi and him. And when he found himself standing in front of the nondescript-looking door, it was too late to turn and back away. From the moment he had seen Uchi looking at him with those bottomless eyes that spoke of regret, it had been too late. Too late to start taking precautionary measures, too late to start reining in his forbidden emotions, too late to start saving himself.


He pressed the doorbell and he heard it chime. He swallowed, sweat lining the inside of his palms. There was no footsteps and Ryo could not help the bitter bile of regret rising in him. He stood there for a moment, unmoving before he turned slowly, unsure of where to go because he wanted this place to be his destination. There was nowhere he wanted to go, nobody he wanted more to see. He was taking the first step when he heard the door open.


An arm wrapped around his torso and crushed him back against a hard, lean body. His first instinct was to struggle but a hand clamped around his mouth. He was pulled into the apartment and somehow his fear receded. Light flooded the apartment and there was something vaguely reassuring about the way the body behind him smelled. He found himself pressed up against the wall and all the things he wanted to say, all the lines he carefully rehearsed were forgotten.


Uchi was looking at him, expression taut and slightly perplexed. A five o’clock shadow shaded that angular jaw and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. Just a pair of faded drawstring pants he hadn’t bothered to tie and was riding low on his lean hips. Ryo couldn’t stop his gaze from drooping down the length of his lanky body, from caressing the flaxen skin he had come to love, the feel of which he had come to miss.


“Why are you here?” Ryo felt the whisper touch of Uchi's voice brushing against him and he wondered what Uchi meant. Whether he meant how he came to know of this place or why he was here. He didn’t know what was the correct answer and he fumbled for the right words. The right words that would make Uchi hold him in his arms. And he realized that in love, there was no absolute right or wrong, everything was a complex shade of ambiguity and all he had to do was follow the voice within.


“I wanted to see you. I didn’t want to….” His voice trailed off to a whisper in the bright airy loft as he looked up and gazed levelly into Uchi’s dark unsettling eyes. He brushed the pad of his thumb gently against the side of Uchi’s jaw. From the corner of his eye, he noticed that Uchi’s right hand was lying deceptively slack at his side while his left was pressed against the wall.


“What happened to your right hand?” Ryo’s eyes narrowed as he grasped Uchi’s hand by the wrist and flipped it over, his eyes studying it intently.


“The bullet damaged a tendon there.” It wasn’t what he said that pained Ryo. It was the nonchalant, apathetic way he said it, like it was nothing. It wasn’t and Ryo shook his head, his gaze flicking to Uchi. He had always loved Uchi’s hands, which was weird, considering that they were probably blood-stained with all the innocent lives he had taken. But he had long graceful fingers, and he could still remember them  touching his wounds with a tenderness that was incongruous with who he was. Ryo bit down on his lower lip as he took the palm of Uchi's hand and pressed it to his cheek. And rubbed against it, needing to feel the solid warmth of Uchi against him.


Then he heard a little muffled groan before he saw the murky depths of intent in Uchi’s eyes. His mouth came down on his, and this was a man who loved with the same violence as he killed. And Ryo reveled in it, he needed it. The initial contact jolted him because it had been so long. His lips moved over his, relentless, urgent and hungry. Ryo’s heartbeat stumbled, before accelerating to a rapid fire staccato. The hot blood flushed through his body, engorging his organ and he tugged down on Uchi’s hair at his nape.


Uchi tasted sweet, tempered with bitter. Something like dark chocolate and tobacco. And Ryo made a low purr in the bottom of his throat, pressing his body against Uchi’s and urging him to take him. He didn’t know how they got to the bedroom. They stumbled, they stepped on each other’s feet, their mouths never left each other’s. Knife-sharp need coiled within Ryo and he laid on the bed, his slumberous eyes looking at Uchi who bent down, blocking out all the traces of sunlight and cocooning him in silky darkness.


“I love you.” Ryo saw the look of surprise that sprang across Uchi’s face. There was still time for Uchi to pull back, because Ryo wanted to know that this time was different.




Uchi looked down at Ryo whose face was flushed and hair tousled. He was the medicine to the utter silence of his heart, light to his darkness and the goodness to the shadows of his soul. He loved him.


And Uchi smiled, a smile that was baffling before his hands scraped past the hard, distended peaks of his nipples and he lowered his head to the skin above Ryo’s waistband. Nudging the shirt higher with his mouth, and Ryo could only see the toffee-colored head of Uchi near his groin. The raspy sensation of Uchi’s tongue trailing a wet, burning path across his skin consumed him. Dipping into the contours of his navel, nipping the taut skin at his abdomen and nudging the shirt higher.


It was agonizingly slow and Ryo decided he had enough. He struggled to a sitting position, pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto the floor. Before he unbuttoned his jeans and wriggled out of them.


And he heard the ragged breath from Uchi as he was divested of his clothes. Uchi leaned over and cupped him behind his head, pulling him near for a soft kiss as their tongues entwined. Ryo grabbed Uchi’s hand and pressed it against his erection, murmuring a soft plea against those lush lips. And he knew the moment Uchi acquiesced because he fisted him, gently pumping his length. At the same time, Ryo pulled Uchi’s pants off him and there was nothing but the both of them pressed against each other and the moment between them that seemed to stretch into eternity.


Ryo cried out as Uchi’s mouth replaced his hand, taking in his erection inside the silk wet confines of his mouth. He arched against him and his teetering control shattered as he spurted his release into Uchi’s mouth. He knew there was nothing to be ashamed of, but somehow he knew this was different. There was no anger, no suspicion, just overwhelming emotions that was breeching all his defenses. Then Uchi kissed him, the taste of him still ripe on his lips.


“You taste good.” Uchi said in a low, throaty voice and Ryo’s breaths rushed through his clenched teeth. He spread his legs apart in an unspoken request and he heard Uchi fumbling for the lube before the cold, slippery feeling of Uchi’s fingers inside him sent a jolt through him. He stretched him patiently, those long deft fingers easing in and scissoring the tight passage. The sensation was driving him insane and he made a sound of impatience.


And finally the sound pushed Uchi to recklessness as he lost his restraints. Ryo had to stifle a little cry of pain when the fingers retreated and he was stretched fully by the girth of Uchi’s cock.


“Sorry..” He heard the soft voice of Uchi as his organ throbbed inside him. And a smile dawned on Ryo’s face as he hooked his legs behind Uchi.


“You’re the one who said that no matter what happens, you’re not sorry.” Ryo whispered. “Therefore neither am I.”


In the depths of Uchi’s eyes, Ryo saw what Uchi wanted to say.


I love you.


I know.  

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