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The Art of Provocation

Title : The Art of Provocation
Pairing : Ryokura
Rating : NC-17
Genre : Angsty pwp
Summary: Ryo is pissed with Ohkura for always zoning out during sex and therefore he decided to take things into his own hands. Not much of a plot but then it's a pwp.
A/N : Smut written for Ali aka crux_australis  because she has been prodding me for Ryokura sex. And I guess for all the lengthy lit critique she wrote for my fanfic, this is a small enough thing to do considering how much her comments always encouraged me. Thank u Ali and ILU ♥ And cos Ryokura is pure unadulterated hotness, please comment if u like it.

The Art of Provocation


Ohkura hissed as Ryo straddled him, the flat plane of his stomach brushing against the bulbous head of his jutting erection. He was about to pull Ryo down, when he saw the frown between Ryo’s brows. And he knew if he flipped Ryo over on impulse, Ryo was going to buck like a bronco and they would just end up yelling at each other, considering how angry Ryo was. So he didn’t. And sensing his surrender, a smug, victorious smile appeared on Ryo’s face as he ground his hips against Ohkura’s hardness, causing him to mutter gutter words of profanity.


There was a dangerous, deep laugh from Ryo and Ohkura could feel the deep timbre of that laugh right down to his groin, sending a jolt of electricity through his body. Obviously Ryo was going to make sure he dealt him his rightful punishment. There was a slight smile of childlike pleasure and mischief as Ryo slid his finger in a idle, slow circle around his nipple. And Ohkura could feel the blood rushing to that hard distended nub, just begging for any contact.


Then Ryo flicked his nipple carelessly with his nail. That initial pain only lasted for a brief moment before it careened into sharp sharp bliss. He couldn’t stifle the pained intake of breath and he could see the wicked smile blossoming on Ryo’s face. Then he leaned down, enough so that his nipples were brushing against Ohkura’s chest. Ohkura tried to get up, yearning for more and Ryo clasped both of his wrists in his hands. He was effectively stranded, his hands pinned on either sides of his head. Of course, both of them knew he could overpower Ryo easily if he wanted to. And both of them knew just as clearly that Ohkura wasn’t going to. Ryo was a master at manipulation and gentle coercion, and Ohkura was no match for any of the mind games Ryo played. He wasn’t going to risk angering Ryo. In short, he was hen-pecked. Or maybe he just liked the sex too much.


“Tacchon, just how am I going to punish you?” He heard the soft breathy whisper of Ryo, almost as though he was talking to himself. He felt the grip on one of his hand loosen and that hand splayed wide on his abdomen.


“Tacchon, do you want me to slide my hand down? Or do you want me take you in my mouth until your legs spasm and this whole flush worked its way up your body?” It was spoken so softly, in a hypnotizing manner as Ryo’s teasing glance met his.


There was a moment of silence before he heard his own breath. Harsh, exasperated and aroused as hell.


“Fuck you Ryo. I want all of that.” And his own voice sounded like he was being tortured, which he was, namely by one Nishikido Ryo who was a sadistic ass who delighted in pain as much as pleasure. And unfortunately, also his lover who had had enough of his drifting mind and lack of attention during sex.


There was a contemplative look on Ryo’s face as though he was pondering his offer. Then a tender little smile that belied the anger simmering underneath.


“No.” And he watched the slumberous eyes narrow into sharp slits. “How many times have I told you to leave your work at the office? That when you come home, you belong to me, and me alone.” Ryo punctuated his sentence with a swivel of his hips, and his hand which was trailing phantom touches across his groin.


Ohkura looked into Ryo’s ebony eyes, and he could see the sadness and disappointment just lingering beneath the surface of serious intent.


“I’m sorry. Fuck, just do whatever you want to me alright? If it makes you happy, I’ll just lie here and let you do it.” There was a look of surprise on Ryo’s face at his easy capitulation and Ohkura knew Ryo well enough that the most effective way of apology was through submission.


“Have I ever told you that when you say fuck, it arouses me so bad?” Ohkura exhaled and shuddered. Before he felt Ryo gripping his erection hard at the root, neither gentle or playful. His nail scraping against the underside of his cock, before the erotic combination of pain and pleasure fused into one and he could feel himself teetering on the edge of impending orgasm. The worst part was that he knew Ryo was far from finishing. In fact he was only beginning.






Ryo’s fingers felt like a velvet glove encasing his erection in a silken embrace. A deliberate flick of his wrist, a swirl of his thumb and Ohkura was his willing prisoner. Sometimes he would hover there and stop, his eyes drinking in Ohkura’s desire-glazed eyes with immense satisfaction And Ohkura’s own desire would churn within him, like surf against rock. Finally, he bucked up mindlessly against Ryo.


“Ryo, I love you. And I’m sorry,” He said. He wasn’t using it as leverage or a bargaining chip because this wasn’t a game. To Ohkura, it wasn’t. He did have a penchant for a short attention span, mainly because of his stress at work and Ryo had chastised him on a number of times. Many times, in fact. And now that his patience had snapped, Ohkura couldn’t exactly blame Ryo for deliberately goading and baiting him. He heard a soft reluctant grunt from Ryo, that could mean anything. He slowly encircled his arms around Ryo’s waist, pulling his frame down.


“I’m not saying this because you’re angry. I mean it.” And he watched Ryo blink, the thick veil of lashes fluttering against his flushed cheeks before those liquid pools of eyes settled on him.


“Really?” Ryo asked, his lips parted with the effort of trying to keep up with his breath. His tongue darted out to wet his dry lips and he could see Ohkura’s gaze following the tip of his tongue like a predator eyeing his next meal.


“I’m not angry.” Ryo said, biting his lips before his eyes met Ohkura’s scalding gaze and he placed Ohkura’s hand on his own burgeoning hardness. “Not angry, just hard.”


Ryo could feel the lean muscles beneath him tense, drawn taut like an arrow and for long moments, Ohkura gave him a blank stare, holding him in his vision. Ryo simply laid his head on Ohkura’s chest, finger gently tracing the dusky pink whorl of the areola and occasionally sneaking covert glances at his face. Explicit and silent submission, not demanding anything more. In a way, he was worried whether he had taken things too far, whether Ohkura was mad. Sometimes it hurt that Ohkura remained a mystery to him, and he had no way of breaching his thoughts or his heart. It was as though there was a fortress and he was forever lingering on the outside, kept on the fringes and wondering what it was like inside.


He looked into those bottomless eyes once more, and he thought he could feel the motions of wheels turning in his mind, except he had no idea of what he was thinking. And in that single instant, the resonating ache in his body that screamed to be filled paled in comparison to the pain seizing his heart.


“Tacchon?” Ryo finally spoke out, voice slightly quivering and questioning. His uncertainty got a reassuring smile from Ohkura as he threaded his fingers through Ryo’s tousled hair.


“You have my undivided attention,” He said before flipping Ryo over and for a moment, Ryo didn’t know whether he should be scared or glad that his little antics had paid off. Then he realized that look of blankness, it wasn’t really blank at all. If he looked hard enough.


In the past, their bed was often like a battleground, the winner plundering and taking. Now there was no pent-up animosity, just a sweet wave of validation coursing through his body. And Ryo spread his legs of his own volition, cradling Ohkura’s hardness at the junction of his thighs before hooking them behind his back. Pulling him nearer and obliterating all traces of space between their bodies.


That brazen move abducted a guttural groan from Ohkura’s lushly perfect lips before he impaled him with his gaze, those eyes that caught the light and stared down at him solemnly. And Ryo didn’t protest when he felt Ohkura capturing both of his wrists and positioning them above his head, like a sacrifice on an altar. Ohkura’s erection nuzzled against him, teasing and leaving a trail of wetness in its wake. The cry of whimper mutated into a frustrated snarl as Ryo arched up, inviting Ohkura to take his prize. All this while, he didn’t look away. It was an unspoken imperative and he could tell Ohkura was slightly surprised at his tenacity in holding his gaze.


Then Ohkura went on to do what he did best. Reducing Ryo to a bundle of quaking and quivering nerves. He bent down, nibbling and sucking on his earlobe and apparently Ohkura was more attentive than he had thought, because his ears had always been his erogenous zones. And he wasn’t just sucking, he was laving with the rough swathe of his tongue and his fingers were gently tracing the contours of his ears, dipping inside and exploring the crevices.


And Ryo couldn’t stop those whimpers from escaping, unspoken pleas of desperation as little goosebumps began to texturize his thighs and forearms. It wasn’t enough for Ohkura as he felt Ohkura’s calloused hand wrapping his erection and pumping it in sure, firm strokes. Fed by the abundance of wanton sounds Ryo was making, Ohkura’s actions got more frenzied and less controlled. When he felt the body beneath him spasm in those sweet little convulsions, he levered himself up on his forearms, watching Ryo’s eyes squeeze shut as though in exquisite pain. His body heaving with barely contained breath and Ohkura had neither the self-control or discipline to hold back any longer.


He spread the lube on his hand before thrusting his finger into that flushed pink puckered entry, and it felt like molten heat. So tight as it clenched around his finger, tightened on it, as if reluctant for it to leave when he withdrew.


“Tacchon?” He heard the soft whine from Ryo and he placed a gentle kiss on the flaxen inside of his thigh. He cupped the undersides of his knees and bent his legs backwards. The embarrassment at being in such a compromising position Ryo felt was overshadowed by the raw need and anticipation at what Ohkura was going to do. And he didn’t have to wait long, because Ohkura entered him in a single fluid thrust. Burying his thick girth inside him at full hilt and the exhilaration he felt usurped any slight discomfort he might have felt at being filled to the core all of a sudden.


When he withdrew, Ryo cried a mindless protest and his hands gripped Ohkura’s bottom, nails cutting into him and biting sharp cresents into the pale skin. Sharp crescents that were alabaster white before turning an angry red. It drew a laugh of mirth from Ohkura before he lunged in again, Ryo’s entire body being rocked by his forceful thrust and the breath being forced out of his lungs. There was nothing for him to hold, nothing for him to anchor himself as the headboard was fused to the wall. And he could feel his sanity slip beyond his grasp as Ohkura began to ride him in a merciless rhythm. Like a pebble skipping across water, the sensations inside him magnified and snowballed until he bucked, almost throwing Ohkura off him. He could feel Ohkura’s fingers digging into his hip, holding him steady. And even in the throes of his orgasm, he could feel Ohkura gently rolling his hips from side to side, increasing his pleasure as he felt his cock reaching uncharted territory and hitting that spot.


He didn’t know how many times he came, or how many times Ohkura spurted his release inside him. All he knew was that just when he thought it had surely come to an end, Ohkura started moving in his spent body and he would groan before his wince gave way to a reluctant smile.


“What? You want me to stop?” He heard Ohkura’s husky voice, as his hardness twitched in him. Ryo muttered a curse that caused Ohkura to laugh and he felt the vibration all the way to the tips of his toes since their bodies were still joined.


“Stop? Who the fuck are you kidding?” Ryo managed to piece out the sentence before he saw Ohkura lift his brows in mock incredulity. And Ohkura, being the asshole he was, the asshole he loved, made Ryo regret the sentence as soon as he had finished it.

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